Melanie Wolbach

Bridge Kids Assistant

Melanie has been with the Church at Ross Bridge since the beginning!


Melanie was born and raised in Alexander City, Alabama, graduating from Benjamin Russell high school. She went on to attend the University of Alabama – Birmingham.

Melanie’s greatest blessings in life are her son Connor (21) and daughter Lana (14).
She writes, “I am privileged to work with children in many capacities, including work in children’s ministry for 15 years. During the week I work with children who have special needs at Hall Kent and I also teach dance at CorkyBell. Working with children is truly a gift, I am honored and thankful for every minute I have with them. My hope and wish for our church is that we are able to provide an environment for our children where they feel safe, loved, taught and encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.”