Life Groups

“We are one body in Christ and individually we belong to each other.” - Romans 12:5

Following Jesus is never a solitary journey - it requires the acceptance, encouragement and accountability of other followers. In the early church (Acts 2:42-47) followers of Jesus BELONGED to one another: eating, praying and serving together. We believe Jesus' impact on our lives isn’t confined to a church building on Sunday, but takes place in our homes throughout the week. Each Life Group meets in living rooms together multiple times each month for a meal, Bible study and prayer. We don't want to be a church that OFFERS Life Groups - we want to be a church MADE of Life Groups.

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Click on an the Bridge Steps graphic to sign up. After you sign up, please complete the discipleship assessment by clicking the "Compass" graphic.

Bridge Steps Courses:
What Is The Nature of God? Winter/Spring 2023
What are God's Purposes for the Body of Christ? Winter/Spring 2023
What is My Purpose in Jesus Christ? Fall 2023
What is The Story of Jesus Christ? Fall 2023
How Can God Help Me Forgive Others? Winter/Spring 2024
How Does God Want To Redeem My Past? Winter/Spring 2024
How Does A Disciple Live? Fall 2024
What Is The Story of God? Fall 2024

Utilizing the work of Gary Thomas, we have built this free online assessment (click the graphic to the left) to help you learn which of nine ways you primarily connect with God. 

Read more about "Sacred Pathways" HERE:

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Cornerstone Life Group

Sunday at 10:00am

        Genesis Life Group

        Sunday at 10:00am

              Men’s Life Group (Ignite)

              Thursday 7:00am-8:00am

                    80’s Babies Life Group

                    Sunday 10:30a-11:30a

                          Women’s Life Group (Women at the Well)

                          Sunday 4:30pm - 5:30pm (on Fall) at the church campus

                                Trouble Finding the Right Group?

                                We are always forming new groups based on what people need, so let us know.
                                Extra needs: