Bridge Students

Bridge Students exists to help young people Belong to a community of faith, Believe in the God of the Bible, and Become more like Jesus through their words and actions.

The Bridge Students currently meet Sunday nights for a more in-depth talk, small groups, and games revolving around our summer theme “Getting to Know You.” Each student brings a valuable story to the group, and we believe each story is worth sharing! We also host events on Wednesday’s and Friday’s that are fun, engaging, and cover a variety of ideas (such as crafts nights, sports days, hawaiian parties, and a dirty santa).
Sunday nights we meet from 5pm-8pm, with rising 6th and 7th graders coming from 5pm-6:30pm and rising 8th graders to graduated seniors coming from 6:30pm-8pm. Dinner will begin to be provided again for students on July 12th. Our weekly events vary in time, so make sure to check the church calendar or email for up-to-date information!
We take multiple precautions throughout our meetings, such as: wiping down surfaces and contact objects often, sanitizing, and keeping socially distant. We hope to resume indoor meetings sometime in the fall, but while the weather is nice and it remains safer to be outside, we plan to host all meetings in an outdoor environment!